Grezia: Fartsak aurrera segitzen du!

Abistea: Alexis Tsipras-en ‘dimisioa’1.

Bill Mitchell-en Greek PM resignation – the farce continues2.

Tartean pribatizazioak nonahi3.

Pribatizazioen ‘onurak’4.

Hortaz, Mitchell-ek dioenez:

Tsipras should have made his resignation permanent rather than technical (to get a new election that he hopes to win). His move to the ‘centre’ is as appalling as New Labour’s claim that they are significantly different from the Tories in Britain.”

1 Ikus Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras Tenders His Resignation: Halaber, ikus Summer is officially over for Greece. PM Alexis Tsipras resigns as snap elections called for September:

2 Ikus Friday lay day – when governments act outside the law they just change the law!:

3 Ingelesez: “The Greek government’s or should I say the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund’s – Privatisation Program – has been leaked by a German Green member in the European Parliament.



1. The sell-off (50 billion worth of public property) is very high.

2. The Greek public “hardly knows what is being privatised” and that they have “the right to transparency”.

3. The list excludes other public assets that the Troika are demanding to be sold.

Note the parasites under the heading “Advisors” – all the usual suspects ‘in for their pound’ 0 UBS, Citibank, Morgan Stanley, BNP, etc.”

4 Mitchell-en hitzez, “One of the strong pieces of evidence from the now long history of privatisations is that the main beneficiaries are the lawyers, stockbrokers and investment bankers who are appointed to advise and facilitate the sell-offs.

All these ‘spivs’ are once again lining up to get their hands on a share of the sell-off of the Greek assets.

I have not long ago read an interesting book – Private Island: Why Britain Now Belongs to Someone Else – by James Meek (2014), which traces the tawdry history of privatisation with an emphasis on Britain.

This UK Guardian article (August 23, 2014) – Sale of the century: the privatisation scam – which is based on the book is a worthy reflection on the myths and realities of this aspect of the neo-liberal putsch.

We learn that:

1. “Privatisation failed to demonstrate the case made by the privatisers that private companies are always more competent than state-owned ones – that private bosses, chasing the carrot of bonuses and dodging the stick of bankruptcy, will always do better than their state-employed counterparts.”

2. “Privatisation failed to make firms compete or give customers more choice – said to be the canonical virtues of privatisation.”

3. “The selling off of Britain’s municipal housing without replacing it was supposed to be a triumphant coming together of the individual and free market principles. It actually ended up as one of the most glaring examples of market failure in postwar history.”

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