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Ikus Infernuan ala Grexit? Agian Grexident?1

Ikus Kapitulazioa? Grexit? Grexident?2

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Democracy Is Dangerous – It’s Not For Greek Grandmas

Why The ECB Suddenly Has A Huge Headache On Its Hands, In One Chart

Germany To Tourists: If You Go To Greece, Bring Plenty Of Cash

Goldman Explains Who Gets Stuck With The Bill When Greece Leaves The Party

How Could The “Greek Experts” Be So Wrong?

(“Yes, they “really” are asking questions like “if a country leaves the Eurobecause someone had to. Perhaps the fate of millions of Greeks would have been different if more had the balls to ask just this one most crucial question.”)

Greek Capital Controls Begin: Greek Banks, Stock Market Will Not Open On Monday

Ignoring Tsipras Plea For Calm, Greeks Storm ATMs, Stores, Gas Stations

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A black Monday?

Greek Contagion Spreads As Several Italian Bank Stocks Failed To Open

The Sell Side Reacts To Europe’s “Lehman Weekend”

“Uncontained” – Greek Stocks Crash 17% As European Banks Plunge Most In 3 Years

Did The BIS Already “Accidentally” Kick Greece Out Of The Eurozone?

The IMF’s hypocritical double standards in destroying Greece and then agreeing to fund Ukraine even in default [Video]

Simple thought: Why can the UK have a Brexit referendum without consequences, but Greece cannot have a vote on an EU proposal for austerity?

Greece Will Open 700 Bank Branches On Thursday – For Limited Pension Withdrawals Only

Hirugarren hordagoka

Juncker To Greece: “Don’t Commit Suicide Just Because You Are Afraid Of Death”

Nobel Prize winner, NYT columnist Paul Krugman urges Greeks to vote NO to EU proposal. EU creditors are “fantasists”

How To Cover Your Ass: The Greek Edition

Greece May Not Even Have The Funds To Conduct A Referendum

Project “Make Everyone German” Has Failed…

Varoufakis Reveals Europe’s Stunning Denial Of Greek People’s Right To Vote

Greece Will Default To IMF Tomorrow, Government Official Says

ECB Strikes Back: Threatens With Greek Deposit Haircut If And When ELA Found To Be “Illegal” On Wednesday

Massive Greek “No” Protest In Front Of Parliament – Live Feed

Greece, Democracy, And Magical Thinking

SocGen Says “Raise Cash” As Volatility, Turbulence Ahead

Greek Crisis: What’s Next After Capital Controls?

ECB Says “Grexit Can No Longer Be Excluded”, Hints At More QE

Warren Mosler


Yanis Varoufakis@yanisvaroufakis eka. 28

Capital controls within a monetary union are a contradiction in terms. The Greek government opposes the very concept.

Warren B. Mosler@wbmosler

@yanisvaroufakis There is still time for a progressive outcome


@wbmosler @yanisvaroufakis I’ve got money on whether he picked you or @MacroEdge1 for the kicker.

Robert Parenteau@MacroEdge1

@ticketdust @wbmosler @yanisvaroufakis Amanasleep I hope your money is on Warren as my overtures to Syriza were rebuffed repeatedly. Fools.

Warren B. Mosler@wbmosler

@MacroEdge1 I don’t even pretend to know their actual agenda

2015 eka. 29

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Albistea: Y. Varoufakis eta Alexis Tsipras4

June 29 (CNBC) —Despite a tweet from Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis that his government “opposed the very concept” of any controls, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said later Sunday that he had forced the country’s central bank to recommend a bank holiday and capital controls.

Iruzkina: W. Mosler, Greek PM comments5

Zer dela eta egin zuen Tsipras-ek hori?

Greziako liderrek karta guztiarekin jokatzen ez dutelako ebidentzia gehiago6.

Albistea: Greece comments7

Greece Bailout: Eurozone Ministers to Explore ‘Plan B’ (WSJ) The first step in what has commonly been referred to as “Plan B” among Greece’s creditors would likely be the introduction of capital controls to avoid a run on the country’s banks. But in comparison to Cyprus, which implemented capital controls as part of a €10 billion bailout package from the eurozone and the International Monetary Fund, the financial situation of the Greek government is much more precarious. The eurozone portion of Greece’s €245 billion rescue package runs out on Tuesday, the same day the government has to pay €1.55 billion to the IMF.”

Iruzkina: W. Mosler

Banku gordailuak zergatzeko plana hartzekodunei ordaintzeko ala ezjakintasun handiaren jarraipena?8

Edozein kasutan, ematen du Troikaren planari baietz esatea dela, greziarrak europar hiritar zintzoak izaten segitzeko…9

Azkenean, deflazioaren aldeko politiken garaipena, jendeak inflazioa baino gehiago langabezia nahi duela erakusteko edo. (Troikaren garaipena!) Horrek funtsean esan nahi du merkataritza superabitaren bila joatea zutik dagoela10 eta, hala ere, ondokoa dugu ikusteko:

to see a currency with a persistent trade surplus and a weak currency.”

Hori guztia da Grezian eztabaidatzen ez dena. Horren ordez, ‘politika’ da nagusi, eta ondorioz, Troikaren ekonomia garaile bilakatzen da: neoliberalismoa, deflazioa, kanpo merkataritza superabitak edukitzea, enpresa erraldoien esportazioak bultzatuz,… eta noski, alboratzen dena defizit publikoa da.

Ikasiko ote dugu?

5 Ikus China cuts rates, Atlanta Fed, car sale comment, Greek PM comments:

6 Ingelesez: “The Greek banks are ECB members, regulated and supervised by the ECB, with liquidity provided by the ECB. Should liquidity end, the ECB via the Bank of Greece simply stops making payments on that bank’s behalf. And why close the banks and prevent them from performing ongoing bank services that don’t require ECB liquidity, should it not be available as needed? Just more evidence that the Greek leaders aren’t playing with a full deck, so to speak…”

7 Ikus Warren Mosler-en Existing home sales, Greece and China comments:

8 Ingelesez: “So after reading this and a few other articles it seems they think a ‘run on the banks’ somehow removes euro that could otherwise be used to pay creditors. This implies either some kind of plan to tax bank deposits to pay creditors or just the continued evidence of gross ignorance of their own monetary system.

9 Ingelesa: “In any case seems the most likely outcome is a yes vote for the troika plan which gives the leadership the desired political cover to go ahead and sign it and move on and remain the European citizens in good standing they’ve always been

10 Ingelesa: “And this would also be yet another victory for the ongoing deflationary policies, this time being spun as explicit support from the people, proving once again that populations dislike inflation even more than they dislike unemployment. This means the focused pursuit of a trade surplus is intact, and I’ve yet to see a currency with a persistent trade surplus and a weak currency.

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