Egon ote daiteke txartoago Grezia?

1) Txartoago ezin da egon Grezia, ala bai?

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Greece Government Favours Drachma – Vows Will Not “Bow to Blackmail”

Greek statement

As suggested all along:

In an interview with Realnews newspaper published on Saturday, Economy Minister George Stathakis said Athens had no alternative plan.

“The idea of a Plan B doesn’t exist. Our country needs to stay in the eurozone but on a better organized aid program,” he said.

Stathakis was confident a deal will be reached. “Otherwise, mainly Greece but the European Union as well will step into unchartered waters and no-one wants that.

Futures Rise, Bund Rout Pauses On “Cautious Optimism” Ahead Of Greek Endgame

2) Bai, txartoago egon daiteke

Greece Faces Moment Of Truth: Troika To Present Final Offer On Wednesday

Greece Admits It Will Not Make IMF Payment On Friday, No Deal Expected Wednesday

As Hope Lifts Athens Stocks, German Vice Chancelleor Warns Of “Gigantic Consequences” If Greek Talks Fail

Tspiras Says “Don’t Worry” About IMF Payment After Latest Failure To Clinch Deal

Noiz arte?

Greek payments

Amerikar bilioia: 1000.000.000

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