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Eurogroup head, Jeroen Dijsselbloem says deal with Greece in few weeks time. No chance of Grexit1

Troika destroyed Greece, Spain, Portugal and Ireland for political reasons [Video]2

EU has no money for Greece, but does have 11 Billion Euros for non-member state Ukraine. Victoria Nuland was right, “F**K the EU”3

Forget “Grexit”, “Grimbo” Has Arrived4

A MeSSaGe To ALL GreeKS…5

Greek Bank Will Write Off Up To €20,000 In Debt For “Poverty-Stricken” Borrowers6

Assessing The Risk Of A Greek Default7

Summarizing Today’s Greek Negotiations In One T-Shirt8

The ‘Relentless’ Greek Debt Payment Schedule9

Futures Fizzle After Greece “Hammered” In Riga, Varoufakis Accused Of Being “A Time-Waster, Gambler, Amateur”10

The ECB Needs to Know Its Place. The European Central Bank has far overstepped its mandate as a guardian of monetary stability. And a backlash is coming11

The ECB has also had a direct hand in setting fiscal policy and economy-wide reforms as part of the Troika (which also includes the IMF and the European Commission), which has run countries that have received EU-IMF loans — Greece, Ireland, Portugal, and Cyprus — as quasi-colonies.”

Germany Prepares For “Plan B”, Says Greece Would “Need Not Only A Third Bailout, But Fourth, Fifth Or Even More”12

Is Greece About To “Lose” Its Gold Again?13

Greece: The Noose Tightens: There are only three options remaining for the Syriza government14

Europe Has Completely Lost It15

Seven in 10 Greeks want a debt deal, survey finds16


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Capital Controls Arrive: Greece Begins Confiscating Deposits Of “Small Debtors”18

Yanis Varoufakis: A New Deal for Greece – a Project Syndicate Op-Ed19


Edward Harrison@edwardnh api. 24

The Greek FinMin @yanisvaroufakis is still hopeful http://yanisvaroufakis.eu/2015/04/24/a-new-deal-for-greece-a-project-syndicate-op-ed/ … pic.twitter.com/4A0rXcV7Hd

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Warren B. Mosler@wbmosler

@edwardnh @yanisvaroufakis Sadly for the Greeks, it’s been thinly disguised collaboration all along.

Oharra. To disguise: mozorrotu

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