Greziako hauteskundeak (zenbait proposamen eta gogoeta)

Hasteko, ikus Greziako hauteskundeak (orain gehitua eta hobetua!)1.

Hona hemen zenbait proposamen, gogoeta eta iruzkin.

Gogoratzekoa, eurogunetik irteteko proposamenak:

  1. Quebec eredutzat hartuta, Warren Mosler-ek: Nola irten eurogunetik? Proposamena2

  2. Warren Mosler-ek: Eurogunetik irteteko estrategia3

Aipatutako atalean subiranotasuna da afera eta ardatza. Argi dagoenez, DTM-koek moneta propioaren aldekoak dira. Horrela eta soilik horrela, erabiltzen den moneta da subiranoa eta bonoen arazoa desagertzen da, baita zorraren afera ere. Kasu honetan, Banku Zentralak moneta jaulkitzaileak dira eta ez moneta erabiltzaileak.

Hauteskunde eta geroko iruzkin batzuk:

a) Bill Mitchell-en Smart Austerity – its just the same dumb austerity4

Greek elections

The results in the Greek elections were very good. I have received a lot of E-mail criticising my skepticism about Syriza’s capacity to honour its title – radical coalition. The signs were that it was slipping towards the centre to assuage the voters. Time will tell.

The main problem is that has continually claimed it is pro-Euro. I cannot see Greece sustaining prosperity in a monetary union with the likes of Germany and the neo-liberal fiscal rules that are imposed on all Member States.

It might be that the ‘re-negotiation’ of the debt will create a major dynamic that allows fiscal policy flexibility. I doubt that will happen, which explains my skepticism.

But getting rid of the vandals that had rendered Greece a poorly performing colony of Germany is very welcome. I hope that now they are in power they can introduce some truly radical plans, which would provoke Germany into forcing them out of the union.”

b) Mike Norman: Greece can’t abandon austerity and stay with the euro. Period5.

Alexis Tsipras and his party, Syriza, can talk all they want about ending austerity, but they simply can’t do it without their own currency.

When all the cheering and celebration dies down Greece will be left with a choice: they can move forward on the path to self determination, sovereignty and dignity, but only if they bring back the drachma.

Or, they can stick with the euro and naively believe they will be able to end austerity, rehire fired public workers, raise salaries and do all those other things that they promised to do, but can’t.

This is the classic problem of the modern day left wing. They talk big about all these progressive ideals–help the middle class, workers, safety nets, education, etc, but they simply don’t understand or, don’t buy into the economics necessary to do these things.

Same problem everywhere. Here, too, in the U.S. (Although there’s some hope with Kelton.)

By the way…so far this morning the euro is trading in the classic, buy the rumor sell the news pattern.”

c) Warren Mosler: Credit check, euro slipping on Greece6

“… the euro has fallen a bit further vs the dollar after the Greek election results. I still don’t see this leading to any kind of fiscal expansion, and the proposed debt restructuring is functionally just a tax on bondholders that if anything further removes aggregate demand.

Additionally, the ECB’s latest moves, while actually contractionary/deflationary, are perceived as the reverse and Greece and others will likely give them time ‘kick in’ and spur growth. And while lower oil costs are a plus for most euro consumers, the lower cost of imports adds to the trade surplus, which is a force for a stronger euro.”

Aipaturiko atalean politika azaltzen da, eta bereziki ohiko ezkerraren eskemak. Grezian ikusi duguna Italian ere gertatzen da, blog honetako azken sarreretan ikus daitekeen moduan.

Espainia una, grande y libre-n antzeko fenomenoa azaldu da. Hala Izquierda Unida delakoarekin nola Podemos berriarekin. Biak, Italiako ohiko ezkerra eta Greziako Syriza bezalaxe, galduta daude zorrarekin, bonoekin, politika fiskalarekin eta monetarekin.

Guztiok euroguneko paradisu barruan egoten segitu nahi dute. Guztiok zirkulu karratua topatu nahiz dabiltza (alegia, austeritaterik eza aldarrikatuz eta aldi berean eurogunean segitu guraz):

Greece  (Italy, Spain…and the Basque Country) can’t abandon austerity and stay with the euro. Period

Hortaz, zer gertatzen ari da EHn? Non dago ezkerra? Zertan dago?

Dixi eta salvavi animan meam.



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