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Randall Wray-k aferaz:



Lowrey is a lazy reporter as this would have been easy to check; or she came to the story with a bias, trying to paint MMT as silly.”


It is not that we “love deficits”. It is that we hate dishonesty.”


One wonders if her famous NYTimes Nobel winning economics columnist colleague put her up to this”.

[Wray Paul Krugman-ez ari da. Hala Mosler-ek nola Wray-k behin baino gehiago azpimarratu dute P. Krugman-ek ez duela DTM ulertzen.]

Stephanie Kelton-ek aferaz:


The notion that MMT has no academic footprint is astonishingly inaccurate, for there are, quite literally, hundreds of publications including: peer-reviewed articles, books, chapters in edited volumes, encyclopedia entries, working papers, policy briefs, etc. in print.  Suggesting otherwise supports the general tenor of the NYT piece — i.e. MMT is an Internet phenomenon that hasn’t been vetted through traditional peer-reviewed channels. That is patently false.”


Stephanie Kelton-en iruzkina:

The quote attributed to me wasn’t remotely close to anything I actually said. The notion that MMT has no academic footprint is laughable. There are literally hundreds of articles in peer-reviewed journals, books, chapters in edited volumes, etc. This was a(nother) deliberate attempt to cast MMT as a kooky Internet phenomenon. Anyone else wonder why the NYT would send a reporter and a photographer all the way to St. Croix (yes, they physically went there) for a story about a silly little Internet theory? I suspect they know it’s much more than that.

… In other words, they just made shit up.”

Marshall Auerback-ek aferaz:


…it is wrong to characterize MMT practitioners as “deficit lovers”. It is more accurate to describe them as dismissive of the deficit phobias which are taken as a given in our policy discussions in Washington, Brussels, Berlin, and other parts of the world.”

M. K. Gandhi-k zioena:

First they ignore you. Then they ridicule you. And then they attack you and want to burn you. And then they build monuments to you.”

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