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i)                 Auburn Parks[2]

ii)                Stephanie Kelton[3]


[2]  “Stephanie and fellow MMTers:

Even though Prof Kelton cannot give a full expose on MMT when she goes on UP w\ Chris, we must not underestimate how vitally important it is to do these types of soft marketing appearances. Hundreds of thousands of people watch Chris’s show. It is literally the BIGGEST audience that MMT has ever had access to. Her appearance and performance can do nothing but INCREASE traffic to NEP and MMT. And depending on how she interacted with Chris during the pre show and commercial breaks, she could very well be slowly opening Chris’s eyes to the reality of MMT, and make no mistake to turn Hayes into an MMT asset would be the single biggest victory for us to date.

And on a side note, even though we are all disappointed that Stephanie couldn’t expound even more on the mechanics and reality of MMT, Chris’s show is the best news information show on TV. No other show has the time to delve as deeply into a particular topic because of the 2 hour format. I know that this isn’t saying much, not because of how good his show is, but primarily because of how absolutely terrible every other news show is on TV. (save for maybe Bill Moyers or Charlie Rose because of their dedicated hour formats to one person\subject.)

So let’s not hate on Chris. Instead, as a community we should do our best to email Chris and try to expose him even more to MMT. We need to have some allies in the mainstream media whether we like it or not. I don’t see fox or cnn having MMTers on their networks. Don’t hate, we need allies and not enemies.”

[3] “Thanks to everyone for watching and hoping for more opportunities. Chris is a wonderful host and, although conversations can take on a life of their own (just as they might at your own breakfast table), I am very happy to have a seat at the table. I can tell you that Chris wants to do a panel on the big question: Does the U.S. have a long-term deficit problem. He already said he wants me back for that. So hopefully we will get the opportunity to lay out a compelling argument in front of millions of Americans who (I believe) are truly ready for a hopeful and optimistic message — an antidote to the deficit hysteria that is empowering Pete Peterson and his minions.”

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