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Warren Mosler eta Puerto Rico

Stephanie Kelton‏ @StephanieKelton


Stephanie Kelton(e)k Bertxiotua Warren B. Mosler

This is important and should be explained *carefully* in a thread.

Stephanie Kelton(e)k gehitu du,

Warren B. Mosler‏ @wbmosler

PR only keeps its own income taxes to spend, while DC spending in the states=income taxes paid + federal deficit spending=big advantage

2017 urr. 1


PR: Puerto Rico

DC: Washington, D.C. is the capital city of the United States

Bill Goggin‏ @wgoggin urr. 13

Replying to @StephanieKelton

DC spending in the states” may incorrectly be taken to mean federal spending. That’s obviously not what it means.

Robert Erickson‏ @wordsby_bob urr. 13

Replying to @StephanieKelton

And, ta da, rebuilding is usually considered good for the local economy. Where are the leaders touting that bit of good news?

Ruchira@RuchiraSen67 urr. 13

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Perhaps the US owes PR self determination -a full debt write off, and a transfer of power whereby PR becomes sovereign (& a currency issuer)

Jeff Baker‏ @JetFBaker urr. 13

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I can see the “taxes fund govt spending” crowd jumping up and down

PapaPig‏ @Papa_Pig urr. 13

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I also thought when I saw Warren post it earlier most are not going to get this. Explanation would help more people.

Brad‏ @BculkinBrad urr. 13

Replying to @StephanieKelton

Plus no weapons plants to receive fiscal deficit funded programs. Double whammy.

Richard Hasse‏ @RichardHasse urr. 13

Replying to @StephanieKelton

PR really needs to become a state.

Paul Scalora‏ @PaulGScalora urr. 13

Replying to @StephanieKelton

why would PR agree to such a bad arrangement? & then there’s this

Donald Trump threatens to take aid from Puerto Rico and, seriously, WTF


October 12, 2017


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