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1/ People often say that the gov must balance its books, just like a household. But did you know that govs are not households?

2017 uzt. 2

Deficit Owls‏ @DeficitOwls

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2/ We know, hard to believe, but it’s true. In case you need help telling the difference, here are some tips. The following is a list of

Deficit Owls‏ @DeficitOwls

3/ things that households do that govs don’t: walk the dog; family dinner; date night; take the kids to visit grandma; play board games.

Deficit Owls‏ @DeficitOwls

4/ The following is a list of things that govs do that households don’t: issue their own currency; impose taxes; bomb its enemies;

Deficit Owls‏ @DeficitOwls

5/ bomb its allies; pretty much anything else to do with bombs; imprison people; regulate industries. So if you see somebody doing any of

Deficit Owls‏ @DeficitOwls

6/ if these activities, hopefully you’ll now be able to figure out which is which, so that you don’t make flawed analogies, such as claiming

Deficit Owls‏ @DeficitOwls

end/ that gov must balance its books like a household!

Deficit Owls‏ @DeficitOwls

PS/ Remember kids: gov is not a household.

Deficit Owls‏ @DeficitOwls2

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Step 1) get an army, 2) impose taxes, 3) issue your own currency. Then you can have any interest rate you want!

2017 eka. 30



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