Zipriztin ekonomikoak (Pavlina Tcherneva)

Pavlina R Tcherneva@ptcherneva1

Repeat after me:

Government Deficit = Non-government Surplus

Government Debt = Non-government Assets

The US has monetary sovereignty

2016 urr. 19


@ptcherneva it will go over people’s heads

Pavlina R Tcherneva@ptcherneva

if it helps: “An antidote to deficit phobia … @iscandiddy


@ptcherneva very useful, thank you

Cronkite Kryptonite@teeny_hands90

@ptcherneva So seemingly simple, but many still can’t comprehend it.

Pavlina R Tcherneva@ptcherneva

@teeny_hands90 sadly but #NeverGiveUpNeverSurrender

Cronkite Kryptonite@teeny_hands90

@ptcherneva i think it’s slowly starting to catch on. It took me years to fully understand how everything I knew about econ was wrong.

Peter Garstig@PeterGarstig

@ptcherneva @cedricwermuth how stupid. Would mean infinite gov debt is unlimited wealth. Haha.

Nathan Becker@netbacker

.@PeterGarstig here’s some after-class work for you. @ptcherneva @cedricwermuth

Peter Garstig@PeterGarstig u

@netbacker @cedricwermuth @ptcherneva you have the complete history of gov. defaults and hyper infl. against you. reality beats any theory.

Nathan Becker@netbacker

@PeterGarstig in the last 240+ years of US’s history, has the US defaulted or had hyper inflation? @cedricwermuth @ptcherneva

Nathan Becker@netbacker

@PeterGarstig There’s a reason why US is the largest economy in the ? & why everyone wants to accumulate US ? @cedricwermuth @ptcherneva


Nathan Becker@netbacker

@PeterGarstig except for we Americans, everyone else trusts the US ? For Americans it’s always a debt crisis. @cedricwermuth @ptcherneva

Nathan Becker@netbacker

@PeterGarstig The real problem facing Americans is the private sector debt (blue), that no one is talking about. @cedricwermuth @ptcherneva

Nathan Becker@netbacker

.@PeterGarstig 2008 financial crisis happened not because of excessive federal debt, but excessive private debt! @cedricwermuth @ptcherneva

Richard H Caldwell@CaldwellUno

@ptcherneva one of my favorite teachers says “I’m only going to tell you this a thousand times”. Keep telling us, please…

Rob Frances@RFrances2

@ptcherneva Yes, paying gov debt interest to wealthiest families & most powerful corporations is great use of public money. More debt please!

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