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1) Initial “Greek Euphoria” Ends As Market Digests Road Ahead For Europe:

2) Tsipras Tamed as Economists Declare Greece Loses Austerity Fight:

Complete” surrender by the Greeks. “Major victory” for the eurocrats.

3) The Annotated Timeline Of A 6 Year (And Counting) Greek Tragedy

4) The Math Doesn’t Add Up

5) Syriza MP Asks $330bn Question: “How Will 4-Month Extension Improve Our Negotiating Position?”

The moments are absolutely critical to society, the nation and of course the Left. The democratic legitimacy of the government rests in Syriza program. The minimum requirement is to have an open discussion on party members and the Parliamentary Group. Key responses should immediately give these questions to keep the great support and momentum gives us the Greek people. The answers will be given the next period will determine the future of country and society.”

6) Troika “Happy” With Revised List Of Greek Reform Promises: Full Varoufakis Letter

7) The can is now officially kicked for another four months. EU signals its approval of Greece’s list of reforms

8) Greek Bailout Extension Approved By Euroarea

Hoberena orain dator:

9) The Reason Why The Eurogroup Rushed To Approve The Greek Reform Package?

As it turns out, the reason why not only the Troika received an agreed to version of the Greek reform proposals “before midnight on Monday”, but rushed these through with a favorable agreement today, is that, drumroll, the European Commission drafted the entire letter!

All Yanis Varoufakis had to do was agree to the letter that the Troika had previously written and agreed in advance was agreeable to it, and send it back.The skeptics are encouraged to play around the original pdf “leak” found here.”

Warren Mosler-ek idatzi duen moduan…

10) Greece, Euro inflation:

Greece gets to choose its own poison.”

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